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An Engineering Accreditation Management System

“The accreditation process [1] under the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) is extremely thorough and time-consuming, involving a multi-year timeframe and the exhaustive collection, organization and analysis of information.”

Practices and Beliefs About Educational Data Usage

“A literature review around assessment data usage indicated that there is currently a gap in the assessment cycle between collecting the educational data and putting it to use towards educational data needs.”

Approaches to Graduate Attributes and Continual Improvement Processes in Faculties of Engineering Across Canada - A Narrative Review of The Literature

“The CEAB mandate has been described as a data science problem because of its potential to generate overwhelming amounts of data and necessitate streamlined workflows for users [66]. The process involves many users [67] and massive amounts of data to be collected, visualized, analyzed, interpreted, discussed, and implemented into program improvement [68, 69, 70]. Mathematically, the number of attributes, sub-attributes, programs, courses, and students could result in more than one million data entries each year at a single institution [30]”

Adapting CEAB Graduate Attributes to Promote Graduate Student Success in the Canadian Engineering Community

“All undergraduate engineering programs in Canada are accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB). This board assesses all university undergraduate engineering programs to ensure each graduating engineer satisfies the academic requirements for licensing as a professional engineer in each province and territory. Engineers Canada developed a list of attributes that all graduates of Canadian undergraduate engineering programs will satisfy.”

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