Frequently Asked Questions

Libellum is a highly functioning, flexible software that meets the industry standard of the ​CEAB accreditation for higher education. Libellum enables institutions to streamline ​accreditation visits through data-handling, data-reporting, and data-analysis.

Yes! Custom designed for engineering accreditation; covers all required GAs, GAIs, (can ​flexibly input CLOs). – Can be adapted into different programs and courses.

Yes! Has been piloted/spearheaded by universities in Canada and been part of the audit data process. Our clients rate it awesome! – because of extremely organized data collection etc.

Yes! Libellum is browser based and works with Firefox, Safari or Chrome and is OS agnostic.  This also means most tablets and phones can use Libellum. 

The software is for academic institutions that are either CEAB accredited or seeking accreditation. It is used by all individuals involved in the documentation and analysis process, including instructors, administrators, and Deans.
The system requires some initial setup, working with Libellum staff, and results in dramatically reducing time spent by administrators and instructors. Once set up, it would take less time than already required for instructors to submit data, and significantly less time for administrators.

Libellum comes with LMS and registrar integrations, and can be easily integrated into most systems.

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